Leveling materials and adhesive ... ADESIV

The process of pasting floors made of fennel or repertoire is an art form that requires a very distinctive and specific product, which is why Maadi Specialized Contracting company seeks to provide the best Italian products produced by Advis in the field of:

1. Pasting materials for various floors, including fennel, ribal floors, mocites and industrial scylla, which ensure the best performance and provide the technician with the floor comfort during installation and ensure a stick between the fennel or similar with the floor.

2. Leveling materials (which is a cement powder with a very high softness and added polymer and bonding materials so as to improve the strength of the connection between it and the ground whatever the fish to smooth the uneven floors) and make a fish of 1:5 mm depending on the ground

3. Used to create a flat surface before installing a fennell or a repertoire

01 Self-Leveling and Adhesives... ADEVIS

Self-Leveling and Adhesives... ADEVIS Adhesive materials for various floors, use ...

02 Self-Leveling ... ADEVIS

Self-Leveling ... ADEVIS Self-Levelling (cement powder for smoothing uneven sub-floors) ...