Flexible PVC Skirting

PVC skirting is one of the finest types, manufactured from
a product made of plastic products from the finest types of basic materials, free of Formaldehyde and Asbestos. It does not help ignition because it is free of plastics and recycled materials because it is manufactured from raw materials,

so it is not affected by atmospheric changes of temperature, does not shrink or expand and is characterized by stability of dimensions.
It is not affected by moisture and does not change its properties.
It does not stick to dust or straws because it is completely non-porous.
low cost, easy to install.
It is like L letter,  10 cm high and the bottom is 1.5 cm
They are affixed to the walls by a special adhesive made of bonding materials, preferably with acrylic base.

It was tested in the Research Center in Egypt in terms of:
Material physical properties, mechanical performance and high elasticity.
It does not absorb in accordance with international standards.
Dimensions stability with different temperatures.
Ideal for use in multiple areas such as
Hospital corridors, patient rooms and schools all projects in which vinyl floors, raised floors, etc. are installed.
Available in several colors, namely:
Black - gray - dark beige - light beige - dark blue - light blue - dark green - light green