About Maadi Contracting


Maadi For Special Contracting

The company was founded in 1993 and since then we are interested in providing the best specialized engineering services with technological development both in terms of items and also various and innovative solutions for many architectural and technical problems through dealing with the best companies and international factories that are famous and characterized by the use of the best materials and the use of the latest technology for machinery used in manufacturing and also care sought the environment and keep it away from any pollution.

On the other hand, we are keen to have two skilled technicians well trained to implement the products in reality according to international technical specifications and also to provide the best services in order to achieve the goals of our customers.

Here are the names of the companies we deal with in the following areas:

  • Raised Floor                                                … NEWFLOOR                            … Italy
  • Suspended Ceilings                                     … ROCKFON                              … Poland
  • Rubber Flooring                                              … ARTIGO                                … Italy
  • Vinyl Flooring                                                 … TARKETT                             … German
  • Sports Flooring Rubber.                                     … BEKA                                 … Turkish
  •  Materials self-leveling and adhesive                … ADEVIS                                … Italy
  • Carpet Tiles                                                        … BALTA                              … Belgium
  • HDF Flooring                                                     … WINEO                              … German
  • Protection Wall                                               … AKS PROFIL                         … Turkish






And after three years of hard work, we are pleased to announce our success in manufacturing the following materials:

  • PVC Skirting with different colors
  • Cove Strip with three size and suitable for all uses
  • Capping Strip with different colors
  • New material combining between Cove and Capping
  • Welding Rods with different colors
  • Stair Nosing Strip manufacturing by PVC or aluminum