PVC Vinyl Welding Road

Local manufacturing and conforming to international specifications:
 PVC tape is one of the finest types, manufactured from
  Plastic products from the finest types of raw materials, free of formaldehyde and asbestos, and also do not help to ignite, so they are free of plastics and recycled materials and are made only from raw materials. Therefore, it is not affected by atmospheric temperature changes, does not contract or expand, and is characterized by the stability of dimensions.
Do not stick to dust or straws because they are completely non-toxic

Hot mounting between the vinyl and each other.
It is a tape of vinyl with a diameter of 3: 6 mm, depending on the use.
The test was done at the Research Center in Egypt.
The physical properties of materials in terms of mechanical performance, high elasticity,
It does not absorb in accordance with international standards.
Dimensions stability with different temperatures
Ideal for use in multiple areas
It is often used to bond the phenyl together to block the pores between the phenyl and the other.
Available in a range of colors depending on the vinyl used.